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Considering A Duct Work Evaluation from All Year Cooling!

Posted on AC Tips, Uncategorized March 4, 2021

Considering Duct Work Evaluation from All Year Cooling!

Here at All Year Cooling, we are your one stop shop for your air conditioning repairs, air conditioning service, air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning installation, and air conditioning dealer. We believe that even though we install new AC unit or AC units, repair or service AC, or even perform any type of AC work, more recommendations for improved air conditioning function might need to be considered. For example: if you install a new ac unit in an older home, the duct work might not be sufficient to handle a new air conditioning unit. The duct work might have leaks, pockets of hot air or air restriction in flow with dust and debris clogging those air vents. No matter how good an air conditioning is installed and no matter the type of system installed, whether it is a 5 Ton York YXV, one of the most high-efficient air conditioning units we offer, if your duct work has even minor problems, you will not get the most out of your brand-new unit.

All Year Cooling offers a variety of solutions to get the most out of your new air conditioning service, air conditioning repair, air conditioning maintenance, and air conditioning install.  All Year Cooling’s air duct services such as duct restoration, duct sealing, and duct reconfiguration may be great ideas to improve new air conditioning installs efficiency, performance and longevity!

Duct restoration is basically renovating the inside of your duct work to seal up lose air flowing out of the ducts. It an inexpensive way of utilizing your existing duct work without having to redo the whole thing. there is also duct sealing where you seal the outside of the duct work if there are big gaps between fittings, duct work corrosion, or if there are small holes in the duct work. There is a possibility the duct work does need to be replaced and if that is the case, All Year Cooling can replace that with flexible duct as well as other materials to seamlessly transfer that cold refreshing air for ultimate home comfort.

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