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The Consequences Of Poor Or Shoddy AC Installation In South Florida

Posted on The Cooler Blog January 6, 2014

Proper AC installation will add many years to the life of your air conditioning equipment, and it will help save you money on energy bills over those years. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced installation company, because there are many issues that can arise or corners that can be cut, all of which will only cause headaches down the road.

A Reliable AC Maintenance Company In South Florida

All Year Cooling has been a trusty AC installation and AC maintenance company in South Florida since 1973, so we have earned our reputation from many, many satisfied customers. If you need your air conditioner installed, maintained or repaired, we will get the job done right. Call Us At [php snippet=1] Today!

The danger of bad air conditioner installation is that it can cause problems with energy consumption by reducing the efficiency of the system. This can lead to poor performance and higher electric bills.

One of the problems that can occur during installation is improper charging of refrigerant, which will mean reduced efficiency but can also lead to the system freezing up frequently. Another potential problem is installing a unit that is the wrong size for the house.

An oversized unit runs for shorter periods than it should. When the AC doesn’t run often enough, it won’t be able to dehumidify the house because the coil never gets cold enough to remove moisture from the air. This can be a particular problem in a humid climate since it will make the air inside the house feel clammy.

Also, parts that have not been installed correctly can lead to air leakage, which reduces the efficiency of the system. For example, ductwork that is poorly connected, crimped or has gaps. Also, shoddy ductwork can prevent cool air from being distributed evenly though the house.

The compressor should be placed in a shady area outside the house, if possible. This will keep the unit cool and reduce the overall workload. If the compressor is placed somewhere that the airflow is obstructed, it can contribute to inefficiency and cause the system to wear out faster.

Poor electrical wiring can also be a problem. At best, poor wiring will cause the whole AC system to perform erratically. At worst, wiring problems can be fire hazards.

These are a few of the reasons why it pays to have a high-quality AC maintenance and installation company do the work. They will ensure that all of the various parts of the system are installed correctly, that the AC unit runs efficiently and effectively, and they can help keep it running for many years.

All Year Cooling is that company. We’ve been keeping people cool in South Florida since 1973, so trust us with all your AC needs. Call Us At [php snippet=1] Today!


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