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Common Air Conditioning Misconceptions

Posted on AC Tips February 20, 2019

common air conditioning misconceptions

As a homeowner, no one knows better than you how to keep your house comfortable and the way you like it. It’s not as easy, however, to understand exactly how these systems work and what it takes to keep them running efficiently. This lack of understanding can result in you not doing what is best for your air conditioning system, which can run your energy bills up or require multiple requests for AC repair.

This is why we want to go over the most common air conditioning misconceptions that homeowners have. Understanding these will help you keep your AC running smoothly, your energy costs down and your required repairs to a minimum, which are keys to success when handling the Florida heat!

Misconception #1 – Setting Your Thermostat Lower Will Cool Your Home Faster

Many people’s first instinct when returning home on a hot day is to crank their thermostat down to get to their desired temperature faster. Not only does this practice not get the results you want, but it just increases your energy bill! Most AC systems will only cool at one speed, so setting your system to the lowest temperature won’t cool your home any faster. In fact, inputting a temperature lower than what you actually need will make your air conditioning work harder than necessary, causing you to spend more on your bill. Be patient and do your best to fight the urge to crank it low!

Misconception #2 – A Larger HVAC System Will Do the Job Better

While high-efficiency AC systems are a worthwhile investment, it’s not recommended that you buy the biggest system with the hopes that it’ll cool your home quicker. When it comes to your home’s overall efficiency, having a professional size your air conditioner properly is one of the keys to success. A system that is too large will make your home too cold for comfort and will likely fail to live up to its expected lifespan.

Misconception #3 – AC Units Only Need to Be Looked at When Something’s Wrong

This is one of the most common and avoidable misconceptions that we face. In life, it’s always better to be proactive, and your AC system is no different. We could go on for hours about why regular tune-ups are so important, but we’ll keep it simple!

Regular maintenance by professionals will help keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently. Technicians will be able to make small fixes before those issues graduate to expensive repairs. By having your AC checked (even just once a year!), you can save money on your energy bill and on expensive (and preventable) repairs.


As Hollywood FL’s trusted source for air conditioning service, we’ve heard it all from our customers! We hope this information can help you avoid common mistakes that homeowners unknowingly make, and help you save money in the process. To find out more ways you can prevent unnecessary damage to your AC system, call us today!


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