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Cleaner Air with Correct Filters

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Tips, The Cooler Blog, Tips September 29, 2010

Old, inefficient filtration is often to blame for poor indoor air quality. Correct Filters are up to 600% more effective in trapping dust and up to 30% more effective in trapping harmful particles than many standard filters.

A patented sealing technology is used with Correct Filters to trap more particles and dust in the air. They are even custom fitted to your system so there are no gaps in your filtration system. An All Year Cooling technician will come to your home to take measurements of your system so that a custom frame can be constructed. This way, air is not able to bypass the filter and all of the air you breathe will pass through the filtration system.

While most people realize the potential health risks posed by poor outdoor air quality, few take the time to consider the health effects of poor indoor air quality. It surprises many individuals when they hear that, according to a report on the EPA’s website, indoor concentrations of hazardous pollutants may be much greater than outdoor concentrations.

With a form fit seal so that air cannot bypass the filter, and pads treated with EPA-registered AEGIS Micro-Spray to fight bacteria, fungi and odors, Correct Filters help prevent poor indoor air quality so that the air you breathe is healthy and clean.

Call All Year Cooling to speak with one of our indoor air quality experts to learn more about Correct Filters and to set up an appointment so that we may take the proper measurements to set you up with efficient filtration.


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