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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

Posted on AC Tips, The Cooler Blog July 31, 2013

Selecting a proper-sized air conditioning unit for your home is an important decision and investment. Every A/C system plays a pivotal factor in the energy consumption and expenses of your residence. Before you purchase an air conditioner, always consider the following elements.

What do good central air units have in common?
The best ones are efficient, which operate on less electricity, resulting in lower energy bills. They also function quietly and do not require high service. Proper maintenance will ensure dependable performance for years to come.

How can I be sure my A/C unit is the right size?
An air conditioner that’s too small won’t effectively keep your home warm or cool. It’s never recommended to buy an oversized system. They will cycle more often than necessary, putting a strain on the compressor and wasting energy consumption. A reliable contractor will determine the right size for your home by making a careful study of your cooling requirements, taking the following into account: window dimensions and exposure; floor space, insulation and local climate; heat-generating appliances; the direction your home faces; and the amount of your home that is shaded by trees. They will specify the cooling capacity of the system once their evaluation is complete.

Which air conditioners are energy efficient?
Modern air conditioner manufacturers are required by law to evaluate and rate their equipment according to its energy efficiency. This rating is known as a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the SEER, the more efficient the equipment. High SEER models are generally more expensive, but can easily make up the difference by reducing your home energy bills on the long-term basis.

Are some air conditioners built better than others?
The compressor is the heart of a condensing unit. Every Ruud condensing unit is installed with the highly advanced scroll compressor. Scroll Compressors are the industry leader in reliability, efficiency and quiet operation. Other features to keep an eye out for are louvered steel cabinets that protect the coils from damage and expensive repair bills. Fans of some condensing units can be noisy; Ruud units have a grill design that minimizes air restriction for quieter fan operation.

What should I look for in a contractor?
Reliability. Look for a contractor you see in your community. You want one who’s close by to provide you faster, more convenient service. They should offer a recognized name brand and have a well-stocked inventory of replacement parts. Avoid all the hassles with unreliable businesses and contact All Year Cooling & Heating today. Our AYC techs are knowledgeable, reliable, and as good as any you’ll find in the business. [php snippet=1]


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