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What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Central Air System

Posted on AC Tips, The Cooler Blog December 6, 2013

One of the most important decisions new homeowners must make is the choice of an air conditioning system. As energy costs continue to rise, the right selection could save you beaucoup bucks for years, even decades to come, while the wrong one could cost you dearly.  Here are three things to consider before you make this essential investment.

What make one central air system better than another?

Because they are far more efficient and effective than the old-fashioned window units, people tend to think of central air systems as a group. They should not. A good central air unit is quiet, durable, reliable, and operates on minimal electricity to keep utility bills low. A bad one is exactly the opposite.

Does size matter?

As you might expect, an central air unit that is too small will not have the power to sufficiently cool your home.  Conversely, a unit that is too big will cycle more than needed, which wastes energy and puts undue strain on the compressor. So you’ll have to be a bit like Goldilocks and find a unit that’s exactly the right size.

How can a contractor help?

An experienced HVAC professional will not only help you determine the optimum size of your central air unit, he/she will also install, program, and help maintain it. Look for a dependable contractor in your area that has a sterling reputation and charges reasonable rates.


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