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Choose Your HVAC Contractor Wisely

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Repair, Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog September 29, 2010

Everybody likes to save money. We check for the latest deals at the market, keep an eye out for the lowest gas prices in town and look for the best value when it’s time to make that big purchase. But when the lower prices sacrifice quality and long-term value, it may be worth reconsidering.

If you’re looking for a certain product like a specific DVD title or the latest toy for the kids, then checking various retailers for the lowest price can be worthwhile. But when it comes to installing your air conditioner or searching for air conditioning repair technicians, looking deeper than the price may end up saving you a lot of hassle.

In today’s money-saving culture, many simply check for the lowest price they can find, mistakenly believing that all contractors are the same. Pricing is obviously important, but you’ll want to make sure that whoever you hire is a factory authorized dealer. Fly-by-night service companies come and go, but All Year Cooling has been in business for 37 years for a reason.

We stand behind all of our work and won’t quit until the job is done right. We’re not interested in simply getting in and out as quickly as possible so that we can fit as many appointments into the day as possible. We want our customers to feel comfortable with us and we strive to leave each customer satisfied with our work so they keep coming back.

What’s more, All Year Cooling works hard to give our customers the best of both worlds, offering quality service and installation at low prices. And if you haven’t heard already, All Year Cooling even guarantees that if we cannot beat another company’s written estimate, we will give you your air conditioner for free!*

If you have an air conditioner that needs repaired or serviced, are interested in upgrading your air conditioner to one of today’s more efficient models (remember qualification for the federal tax credit ends at the end of the year) or want more information about the many indoor air quality services and products we offer, give us a call or shoot us an email at

 *Estimate must be valid from a licensed A/C contractor, written within the past 30 days, and honored by the A/C contractor.


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