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Is Your Electric Bill Too High? How to Keep Your AC Unit Working Efficiently to Lower Your Bill

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Tips, Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog, Tips January 20, 2019 by Terry Jones

Everyone wants to stay cool when the heat rises, but don’t make your electric bill suffer! Here are some tips on air conditioning efficiency to lower your bill. Heating and cooling account for about half of the energy bill in most homes. You could spend half your time outside your home and still notice little variation in your Read More…

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Troubleshooting the Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Repair, AC Tips, Family and Home, Money Saving Tips December 10, 2018 by Terry Jones

Is your HVAC unit giving you trouble? Here’s how to troubleshoot some of the most common air conditioning problems, so you can decide if you need a pro. Living in the hot and sunny state of Florida, we consider our AC units as a part of our family. If you want to make it through Read More…

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7 Air Conditioning Tips to Help Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs

Posted on AC Tips, Money Saving Tips, Tips September 10, 2018 by Terry Jones

Growing up did you ever hear your parents shout “close the door. “I’m not cooling the neighborhood”? The reason they might have sounded so serious is that heating and cooling take up over half of your utility expenses. This makes air conditioning part of the largest expense for your home. If you want to save Read More…

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Can I Finance an AC Unit?

Posted on Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog October 15, 2017 by Jonathan Williams

A new AC unit can cost thousands of dollars. The better the system you want — and the larger your home is — the more you’ll end up paying for the new unit. As expensive as it is, though, you don’t want to forego getting a new AC unit if you really need one. It Read More…

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Getting the Most Out of Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

Posted on Holidays, Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog, Tips November 15, 2016 by Jonathan Williams

The holiday season is upon us and families are getting ready to get together to continue one of the most celebrated traditions, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the festive season, which means the sales and promotions frenzy will begin soon. Starting with Black Friday right up to Cyber Monday, people will be preparing to Read More…

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How To Make A DIY Air Conditioner Out Of A Cooler

Posted on AC Tips, Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog, Tips July 25, 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Before you scroll this blog post, we want to make sure that we state the obvious: We do not suggest you use this DIY Cooler Air Conditioner as your primary form of home cooling. Hire an expert (us) to fix or install a proper AC. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s have Read More…

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