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Why A Bigger Air Conditioner May Not Be Better

Posted on AC Repair January 27, 2014

When the heat and humidity roll in every summer, it can be tempting to update your home air conditioning system. While regular maintenance is a must, upgrading to a larger air conditioner may not necessarily be better for your particular situation. All Year Cooling is a dependable AC and heating company and can answer all of your questions regarding the most efficient type of cooling systems for your home in South Florida.

Oversized Units May Cool Your House Faster, But They Won’t Help With Humidity

While oversized equipment may cool your home faster, it may not necessarily make your family feel more comfortable during those muggy summer months. When a large AC unit cools your home too quickly, the thermostat will sense that your house has reached your desired temperature before the system has been able to effectively remove the humidity. Humidity, not heat, is often the culprit in regard to making your feel sticky and uncomfortable, even if your house had reached an ideal temperature.

Even if you can get a large unit to cool your house comfortably, the excess moisture in the air may eventually lead to mildew or mold problems. Of course, units that are too small will struggle to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but our experts at All Year Cooling can help you find and install the proper equipment for your particular situation. Summer will be here before you know it, so call us today at 1-[php snippet=1]!


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