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An Infographic on Air Conditioning Maintenance

Posted on AC Maintenance, The Cooler Blog July 26, 2014

We’ve been letting people know about the importance of air conditioning maintenance since we’ve been in business. The fact is, it’s tough to be pro-active with your AC or most things for that matter (e.g. cars) when it doesn’t seem very urgent. We spit out countless facts about the money and headaches it’ll save in the long run, and it’s all true.

Recently, we stumbled on this beauty of an infographic from an air conditioning company in New York City called Interstate Air. We like the graphic a lot because it’s clear, succinct, and pretty.

Most importantly, the facts stand out:

  • Only 1 in 5 people perform AC maintenance
  • 40%+ of your energy bill is spent running your AC
  • Programming your air conditioner can save you a TON of money
  • An AC unit that’s not taken care of will last significantly less than one that is maintained

Take a look at the graphic below, and absorb the facts. When was the last time you maintained your AC?



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