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All Year Cooling’s 12 Days of Winter Fun

Posted on Family and Home, Seasonal Weather, The Cooler Blog December 16, 2014

With the kids off from school and relatives in town for the holidays, the All Year Cooling team wanted to give you some fun, family friendly ideas that will help pass the time and spread the cheer! Each day for the next 12 days, we’ll be bringing you a new idea to try with your family. Join in on the fun and tag your pictures using “#allyearcooling12days” so we can share your photos!

Day 1: Do-It-Yourself Gifts

The holidays should be about family, fun, and quality time. If extravagant gifts just aren’t in the budget this year, we have you covered! These are easy, kid-friendly gift ideas you can make at home to show your loved ones just how much you care.

Day 2: Family Events

A big part of what makes the holiday season fun is getting to spend a little extra time with your family. We’ve compiled a list of activities going on all over South Florida that will fit into any budget. From hay rides and campfires to snow fall and holiday lights, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Day 3: Kid-Friendly Holiday Recipes

From Frozen-themed treats to reindeer sandwiches, these easy to make recipes will get your kids started in the kitchen and can double as snacks for family holiday parties. Learning to cook helps to build practical skills like math and reading, along with life skills like patience and following directions. Try out some of these fun recipes and let us know how they come out!

Day 4: DIY Holiday Decorations

Decorating your home for the holidays can be affordable with these fun Do-It-Yourself projects. We’ve compiled décor ideas that look expensive, but are easy to replicate and will help keep you budget intact. Kids love arts and crafts projects, so they’ll be excited to join in and help with these fun ideas.

Day 5: Cookie Decorating

Who doesn’t love cookies? We’ve gathered cookie decorating ideas for almost every skill level from beginner to experienced baker; some of these are kid-friendly, too. If you’re feeling ambitious, try out the Gingerbread house. If you’re looking for a simpler starting point, try the M&M cookies. We’re excited to see how your cookies turn out!

Day 6: Gift Wrapping Ideas

From beautiful bows to photo gift tags, these ideas are unique and crafty. If you’re not an expert wrapper, don’t worry- there is something fun for everyone to try!

Day 7: At Home Science Experiments

Get your kids excited with these really cool at home science experiments! The projects we’ve compiled include instructions for ice cream in a bag and DIY silly putty. Kids of all ages are going to want to get a little messy and try these ideas out.

Day 8: Giving Back to Your Community

The All Year Cooling team believes that giving back to our community is one of the best ways to spend your time. There are several volunteer events going on this holiday season all over South Florida that require only your time. If you have a little extra to give, you can sponsor a family in your area that is in need of presents or food. Read our blog for ideas and resources in your area.

Day 9: Gifts for Pets

Do you have a family member that’s a little furrier than the rest? We’ve compiled gift ideas for your family pet that you can make yourself and your furry friend is sure to love. These projects range from easy to replicate (healthy homemade dog treats), to complex (DIY cat hotel).

Day 10: Holiday Movies

Between decorating, gift shopping, wrapping presents, baking cookies, and at home science experiments, you’ll probably need a break right about now! Most of the holiday movies on this list are available to stream from Netflix, and they’ll all spread cheer and remind you what this time of year is really all about.

Day 11: Holiday Light Spotting

Our Holiday Light spotting Pinterest board lists a few places that you can go light spotting with the family. The price of the events range from free to $25.00, and are located all over South Florida. Don’t forget, one of the easiest ways to go light spotting is to take a walk around your own neighborhood. It’s great exercise, especially in the cool South Florida winter air, and it’s a fun way to get out and meet your neighbors!

Day 12: Family Games

With the holiday season coming to an end, we’ve dedicated our final day of Winter Fun to unwinding and relishing the time off you have left before 2015 is in full swing. These fun family game ideas will ensure time well spent. Whether you’re looking get everyone up and moving or for a fun night sitting around the table, there is something for everyone.


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