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All Year Cooling and Going Green

Posted on AC Tips, The Cooler Blog, Tips September 29, 2010

‘Going green’ has been a worldwide initiative that has many homeowners and businesses alike committed to reducing their impact on the environment. It’s been labeled as a responsible choice and has many people wondering what they can do to jump on board whether at work or around the house.

To lessen our own impact on the environment, All Year Cooling recycles whatever we can from the cardboard box in which new units are shipped to the old unit being replaced. We even have employees dedicated to stripping down old units and separating the metal to be recycled. We also extract old refrigerant and properly recycle it.

You too can go green by taking a few simple steps around the house. One of the easiest things you can do is recycle materials that may be recycled. Plastic or glass bottles, aluminum cans, paper and other materials may be recycled at your local recycling center or through a curbside recycling program if your community offers such a service. Check your city’s or county’s website for information as to which items may be recycled.

Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs), which use less energy while producing equivalent amounts of light. Be careful, though, CFLs contain mercury so if one breaks, make sure you follow the proper steps and take the proper precautions to clean it up. The EPA offers advice HERE.

Finally, you can keep your A/C set on 78 degrees and turn it higher when you’re not home. This will prevent your air conditioner from running while nobody is around to benefit from the cooler temperatures, and the 78 degrees is usually cool enough for most individuals to feel comfortable. If you typically keep your thermostat at lower temperatures, just try to set it to 78 degrees for a couple of days to see if you or your family even notices the difference.


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