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7 Of The Coolest Family-Friendly Places In Oakland Park

Posted on Family and Home, The Cooler Blog August 28, 2014

Oakland Park might not be the biggest city, but it sure does have some of our favorite businesses in South Florida. As part of our blog post series that covers all our favorite places in the cities where service air conditioners (Vero Beach to Key West), we decided to tackle Oakland Park.

Feel free to comment at the bottom of the post with your thoughts on our list. In no particular order…

Funky Buddha Brewery

This local brewery is not only one of South Florida’s best craft beer producers, but we think their beer holds up against the nationally popular craft beer heavyweights. Started as a small music venue / nano brewery in a shopping plaza in Boca Raton (this still exists), these guys have created one of our community’s preferred meeting spots. There’s not a day that the large tasting room isn’t packed full of locals, scrambling to try the latest liquid inventions by the brewery. Every time you visit, you’re sure to discover a brand new drink that they’ve invented. Think baklava flavored beer, pineapple habanero, or their popular peanut butter jelly beer.

BONUS: They have a rotating list of food trucks that park outside on any given day.

BONUS #2: You can now have Funky Buddha beer at Miami Dolphins games!

PRO TIP: If it’s your first time visiting, you’ll probably miss the area of the bar where you can play cornhole, Jenga, or old school arcades. Go past the bathrooms, and open the door on the right.

The Whole Enchilada

You might know of The Whole Enchilada because of their seemingly more popular Fort Lauderdale location or their brand new Plantation spot, but this local mini chain started in Oakland Park. We’ve been happy to see them grow and expand to multiple locations over the last couple years (the Fort Lauderdale location is beautiful). The reason they’ve been able to expand is because they produce high quality, fresh Tex Mex that creates a very loyal local fan base. Things we love there: the fresh salsa bar (mango salsa!), all the burritos, and the grilled fish tacos.

PRO TIP: A lot of times there’s a hotter hot sauce behind the counter if you ask. It’s super spicy.

Alegria Tacos

Before you groan that we included 2 Mexican restaurants on this list, consider this: The Whole Enchilada is the best Tex Mex in Oakland Park, Alegria Tacos is the best authentic Mexican taco spot in Oakland Park. If you’re a fan of Mexican street tacos, you know there is a huge difference. While Tex Mex is dominated by cheese and flour tortillas, authentic Mexican is more focused on the meat, the corn tortilla, spices, and chopped spices. Alegria Tacos is the closest thing in Oakland Park to actually having a taco in the heart of Mexico.

PRO TIP: If you feel daring, try the beef tongue tacos (lengua). It tastes like normal beef, but a little chewier.

PRO TIP #2: You might miss it the first time trying to find it. It’s attached to an inconspicious apartment complex.

Primanti Brothers

“But wait, Primanti Brothers is on Fort Lauderdale Beach”. We thought you might say that.

The Pittsburgh transplant Primanti Brothers Pizza also has a lesser known location in Oakland Park, tucked on the south side of Oakland Park Blvd. They have all the same menu items as the one on the beach, just not the same hours (the one on the beach is open 24 hours). You probably already know, but they have a killer sandwich they server there: The Pitts-burger. Their pizza is also stellar.

Living Green 

If you’re tired of big supermarket produce freshness and prices, look no further than Living Green in Oakland Park. The quality and selection of produce at Living Green just can’t be beat. Not only that, they sell delicious sandwiches, salads, juices, and even coffee. Kudos to Living Green for helping keep our community healthy with a quality supply of vegetables and fruit.

BONUS: A lot of times their prices are actually lower than Publix.

Rendez-vous Bakery

For the breakfast category, we had a big debate about whether to mention Rendez-vous or Over Easy Cafe…you can see which one won the debate, but we also highly recommend Over Easy.

You can’t go wrong here. All of their French-influenced dishes are tasty; we focus on their breakfast because we’re partial to their crepes, nutella, their coffee, quiches, and croissants (mmmmmm).

Dixie Pig Bar-B-Q

Let the debate begin….the best bbq in South Florida. At least for North Carolina-style bar-b-q, we lean towards Dixie. The owner who is originally from NC, makes a mean pulled pork. While a lot of people don’t like the vinegar-iness (is this a word?) of Carolina bbq, we love it (We also love KC and Texas-style)

We told you our favorite Oakland Park businesses. Now, tell us yours.

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