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5 Things We’re Excited About For This Miami Heat’s Season

Posted on News, The Cooler Blog October 25, 2014

Miami Heat season is upon is, and we couldn’t be more excited. Sure, Lebron left and there’s no way we’ll be able to fill his void (at first), but we can be very competitive in the Eastern Conference. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be facing King James in the Eastern Conference Finals this year. These are the 5 things we’re excited the most about this basketball season.

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The new players

Even before Lebron made The Decision 2.0, Pat Riley was working hard assembling a competitive squad to return to the championship. Additions like McRoberts, Deng, and Granger make us a better team (if LBJ stayed). Throw in our stud rookie Napier, and we have a versatile bunch that can run up and down the court with ease.

James Ennis

The Miami Heat signed James Ennis last year, but sent him to Australia to develop as a player…and boy, did he develop. Ennis has become quite the player in the year. He dominated in the Australian league, and most recently the NBA Summer League.  While we might not be a starter, he’ll be a valuable contributor off the bench.

Chris Bosh

It’ll be interesting how Bosh adapts to the role of top dog on this team. He did it years ago in Toronto, and we predict he will again. During the Big 3 era, he was held back; Bosh looks poised to get back to his old dominating ways.

Heat Lifer

The Miami Heat have been pushing the Heat Lifer campaign since Lebron left. As a longtime Heat fan (we were in business well before the team was established in the late 80s), we look forward to reliving past memories while they continue to push this campaign.

Facing the Cavs

During the holidays this year, we’ll face Lebron James for the first time in the regular season. It’ll be an emotional time for Heat fans, but also very exciting. Can’t wait to see where each team will be come December 25.

What are you most excited to see this Heat season?


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