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5 Fun Facts About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted on Holidays, The Cooler Blog January 18, 2016 by Jonathan Williams

Today we remember and honor Martin Luther King, Jr. for his huge impact in the civil rights movement in America. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., we have assembled a list to help you better understand just how important and impactful Mr. King was on the world as we know it today:

Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t just become the leader of the civil rights movement; he actually helped start it:

In 1955, King led the black community in Montgomery, Alabama, during their first nonviolent civil rights demonstration in the United States. The bus boycott (which was in response to Rosa Parks’ famous refusal) lasted for 382 days until the United States Supreme Court finally ruled that laws segregating buses were unconstitutional.

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke more than 2,500 times and traveled over 6 million miles to speak out against segregation and inequality:

King never wanted to sit still, he stated “I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a preacher, a presenter, a community leader, and a dad:

Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King had 4 children. He even mentioned them in one of his most famous speeches “I Have A Dream.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. was not only focused on civil rights:

In 1966, Mr. King began a campaign against poverty and urban inequality. King also objected to the United States’ participation in the Vietnam War, and it was in his support of a sanitation workers’ strike that took him to Memphis, Tennessee, where he was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is the only non-president with a national holiday in his honor:

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