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5 Coolest Moments Of The Miami Marlins’ 2014 Season

Posted on News, The Cooler Blog September 26, 2014

Despite the fact that it’s been awhile since we’ve gone to the playoffs, and this year isn’t any different, we still love our Miami Marlins. This blogger still remembers jumping around the living room with his family when Edgar Renteria hit that shot up the middle to win Game 7 of the 1997 World Series versus the Cleveland Indians. Also, who could forget that upset World Series victory against the Yankees in 2003? As you probably know, we also recently ran a contest for Marlins tickets to their last Saturday night game versus the Nationals (sadly, we lost the game).

As the season comes to close, we wanted to reminisce on our favorite moments from the 2014 season. In no particular order, here you go…

This Jose Fernandez Performance, 8 IP, 0 Runs, 2 Hits, 8 Ks

It’s a shame that Jose got hurt so early in the season. He started off with a bang, and who knows how many more games we could have won.  His injury really deflated the fanbase for awhile.

This dominating performance by Giancarlo

This was a monster game from Stanton. He nailed 2 homeruns (one for 470 feet!) and made a Sportcenter Top 10 diving catch. We hope to be seeing his face in a Marlins uniform for a long time.

The Opening Night Win at Home

Opening Night is the best because everyone is 0-0. Techincally, everyone is still in the run for the championship. When your home team starts off with a big win, it energizes the fanbase. This particular opening night saw huge games by Fernandez and Hits McGehee.

Stanton walk-off grand slam vs Mariners

We had some great walk off homeruns this year, but this Stanton walk off homer early in the season was our favorite.

Hits McGehee’s All Star Push

Casey McGehee (Hits McGehee) had an incredible season, worthy of an all star slot….except for the fact that he got majorly snubbed and was the last player left off the National League’s all star list. He tried hard via social media to get people to vote for him. Unfortunately, he came up just short.

BONUS: This Kid

This kid’s reaction was our favorite internet viral moment regarding the Miami Marlins this season.

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What was your favorite moment this season?


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