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4 Ways To Save Money On Air Conditioning

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Repair, AC Tips, Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog March 18, 2014

Just as winter can bring brutal cold, summer brings extreme heat. The summer months are the time when electricity bills skyrocket and you pay the price for cool living.

How To Use Electricity More Efficiently

1. Change or Clean Your Air Filter

A dirty filter reduces your air conditioner’s efficiency, uses more energy and costs your more money. Changing or cleaning your air filter helps maintain the lifespan of your machine and helps save you money on energy costs.

2. Adjust The Thermostat

If your home has a thermostat that controls the central air conditioner, consider using a programmable thermostat to help with setting home temperatures. With a programmable thermostat, you can automatically set the temperature to be higher when you aren’t at home during the day or when you go to sleep at night to decrease energy consumption and spending.

3. Consider Your Needs

A window unit requires much less energy than central air and can easily be used for cooling smaller areas. Take the time to really consider your needs and how much your air conditioning will be used, and then choose the best unit for your situation.

4. Maintain Your System

Your air conditioning unit needs regular maintenance, just like any other machine in your home. A professional can help to determine inefficiencies and control excess costs prior to the extreme summer or winter months.

For more information about how to maintain your air conditioning unit, or how to save money and energy with your appliance, call All Year Cooling at 1-[php snippet=1].


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