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4 Reasons Why We Love Pinecrest Gardens For The Family

Posted on AC Repair October 19, 2014 by Terry Jones

Even though we really miss Parrot Jungle (Pinecrest Gardens is located where Parrot Jungle used to be), we love the gardens that replaced it. When we’re in Pinecrest, it’s a must-stop for our family. These are 4 reasons why we love Pincrest Gardens in Pinecrest, Florida.

The Pretty Flowers

Their botanical gardens are incredible. Kids love to smell the flowers. Adults love to marvel in the colors.


The Petting Zoo

Find us a kid that doesn’t like to pet animals. We’ll be shocked.


The Butterflies

These vibrant butterflies amongst the gorgeous flowers makes for quite a beautiful scene.


The Swans

The swans on the lake are incredible to behold. The one picture below is not one we found on the lake 😉


What are your favorite things about Pinecrest Gardens?


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