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4 Reasons To Consider Air Conditioning Financing Before Summer Hits

Posted on AC Tips, Money Saving Tips, Seasonal Weather, The Cooler Blog April 16, 2014

If an air conditioner is doing its job, it’s one of those appliances that you just don’t notice in your home. However, as soon as your air conditioner malfunctions, you remember just how crucial it was in the first place.

Summer is just around the corner, and temperatures are only going to rise. If you want to ensure that your family is comfortable during the upcoming months, you should consider repairing that AC leak or replacing your inefficient unit.

Like any good product, you get what you pay for when it comes to air conditioners. Better units tend to cost a little bit more; however, at All Year Cooling, we have great prices for all of our customers.

If your home is in need of a new AC, but you don’t think that you can afford it, you should consider air conditioning financing in south Florida. Read on for four reasons why you should consider this option, and call us at 1-[php snippet=1] if you have any questions.

1.  Best Price Guaranteed 

At All Year Cooling, we offer our customers a “best price guarantee,” which means if we don’t beat any quote that you receive, your new air conditioner is 100 percent free.

2. $0 Deposit For Work 

At All Year Cooling, you’re not just getting a great deal when your purchase your AC, you’re getting great service for the lifetime of your unit. There is no minimum deposit required if we need to perform work on your AC unit, and we will not charge you until you’re satisfied with the results.

3. No Minimum Credit Score 

We understand that not everyone has a perfect credit score, but we believe that everyone still deserves to be comfortable. For that reason, we offer various finance plans, ranging from six to 60 months, interest free.

If your bank doesn’t approve your financing request, we’ll work with you to put something together, and we do not require a minimum credit score.

4. Efficient Units 

If you’ve ever had an AC leak, you know just how frustrating a faulty unit can be. At All Year Cooling, we stand behind all of our products, and can perform any necessary repairs or maintenance to ensure that your family stays cool all summer long.

From An AC Leak To Regular Maintenance 

Whether you’re looking to repair an old unit or you want to install a new one, but need air conditioning financing, we can help. Call us at 1-[php snippet=1], and schedule a free service call today.


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