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3 Ways To Reduce Humidity In Your Home

Posted on AC Tips, The Cooler Blog April 25, 2014

Condensation buildup on your windows is a sign of too much moisture in the air. If this happens occasionally, it isn’t a cause for alarm, but frequent occurrences may be a sign of poor ventilation, insulation problems or other home issues that may need to be addressed.

Monitoring Condensation And Humidity 

When humid air comes in contact with a cooler surface, condensation is created. When you commonly see this occur on the windows of your home, it suggests that your home may have very high humidity levels. There are several ways to reduce humidity levels:

1. Upgrade Insulation

Have an All Year Cooling specialist investigate your insulation and ductwork for problems and if necessary have repairs or replacements made to help curb the condensation problem.

2. Use Ventilation Fans

Post shower air can drastically increase the humidity levels of your home. Using or installing ventilation fans into your bathroom will filter the air outside to reduce moisture buildup.

3. Replace Existing Windows

Consider adding storm windows to help considerably lower the amount of moisture in your home. Also, have an energy audit and inspection done to help determine whether repairs or replacements can be made to lower the humidity levels.

All Year Cooling can help diagnose and improve your home air conditioning to reduce humidity year round. Call us today at 1-[php snippet=1] to schedule a service call.


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