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3 Things a Reputable AC Contractor Will Never Do

Posted on AC Tips July 10, 2019

At All Year Cooling, we do business in a way that respects the consumer and keeps their best interests in mind at all times. Unfortunately, not every AC service operates this way. We’ve heard lots of horror stories from customers who’ve gotten burned by their last air conditioning company. This is why we’re shining the spotlight on 3 things that a reputable AC contractor will never do.

Our hope is that, after reading this list, you will be able to make better buying decisions for you and your home and also be able to spot HVAC scammers before it’s too late.

1. Sell You a Unit Using a “Bigger Is Better” Pitch:

When it comes to your air conditioner, size is not necessarily the most important thing. A reputable AC contractor will properly size your unit to suit your needs. This is because they know that a unit that is too large will run inefficiently on a house that doesn’t need it. Units that are too big will also make your home so cold, you may find that you want to open a window for warmth!

If an AC contractor claims that a bigger unit will save you money and work better, they’re just trying to make a bigger sale and should not be trusted.

2. Sell You Parts that Didn’t Need Replacing

One tactic that far too many AC professionals get away with is convincing you that you need to replace one or a few of your air conditioner’s parts. They often take advantage of a homeowner’s lack of knowledge of their system and say something simple like, “this part isn’t looking so good, and it needs to be replaced.”

While it can be hard to stick to your guns on this one, remember this. If your home is being cooled like normal, your unit is not noisy and no smell is coming from your vents, you probably don’t need to replace any parts. A quality AC professional doesn’t rely on misleading their customers.

3. Offer to “Recharge” Your Refrigerant

One of the biggest pet peeves of ours is hearing about contractors billing customers for “recharging” their refrigerant. Your air conditioning’s refrigerant levels may become low, but refilling it is not the answer. A reliable professional knows that air conditioning doesn’t use up refrigerant like a car uses gas. If refrigerant levels are low, this is a sign that your system has a leak. Selling you more refrigerant won’t fix the problem, but it will put more money in the pockets of dishonest air conditioning companies.

At All Year Cooling, we didn’t become the top provider of AC service in Key Biscayne FL by playing tricks on our customers. Our success comes from clients who stay with us because they know what they’re getting when they hire us. Call us today to learn more about how a reputable HVAC contractor does business!


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