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3 Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Furnace

Posted on AC Tips, Seasonal Weather, The Cooler Blog April 15, 2014

This past winter was brutal. Cold temperatures and snow blanketed the north and even parts of the south. This cold chill even reached the sunny beaches of Florida.

Even if your furnace made it all the way through winter without breaking down, it may be time to have your furnace checked to identify problems before they find you. If you encountered any of these three problems in the last few months, it may be valuable to schedule an evaluation:

1. Increase In Illness

If you’ve noticed family members having flu-like symptoms, headaches or feeling nauseated, it may be due to a carbon monoxide leak in your furnace. A poorly functioning heating or air system can cause respiratory issues and allergy flare-ups.

These are serious symptoms resulting from a very fixable problem. Have your heat and A/C unit inspected today if you think it may be contributing to family illnesses.

2. Increasing Costs 

An aging furnace will need to work longer and harder to produce optimal comfort levels. If you’ve noticed that your furnace, despite regular maintenance, is costing more than you think it should, it may be time for a replacement.

3. Drop In Performance

Over time, your furnace may not be able to produce the temperature that you desire due to work or malfunctioning parts. If you find that your furnace isn’t performing like it once did, it may be time to consider a repair or replacement.

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