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3 Signs That Mean It’s Time To Clean Your Ducts

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Repair, AC Tips, The Cooler Blog April 11, 2014

The details and inner workings of a home ventilation system are a mystery to most people until a problem occurs. Home energy inspections help reveal issues with ducts, such as dust, mold or insects, which can contaminate the air in a home and drive up energy costs. Read below to learn some key information about your home’s ductwork maintenance and when a home inspection or cleaning is necessary.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified three signs that indicate immediate cleaning is necessary for home ductwork. They are:

1. Dust In The Air Stream

It is common for dust to collect in air ducts, which is why it is important to schedule regular inspections and keep up with necessary maintenance. This dust buildup can enter the airstream of your home and cause allergies and respiratory problems for you and your loved ones.

2. Mold Growth

Mold in your home is dangerous for many reasons. It can cause significant health problems and also damage the integrity of the structure by causing rot.

3. Insects Inside Ducts

Ducts can be a very suitable environment for vermin and insects to make a home. When you have an energy audit or home inspection, your All Year Cooling technician can inform you of any issues and inform you of the proper steps to clean, remove or replace ducts for optimal health, energy and financial benefits.

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