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3 Places To Take Your Family This Summer If You Have Air Conditioning Problems

Posted on AC Repair, The Cooler Blog, Tips April 10, 2014

Every summer, there are at least a few days when it’s simply too hot to do anything outside. What if you’re having air conditioning problems in South Florida when one of these days hits?

If you can’t stand staying at home on those sweltering days, either, we can help. At All Year Cooling, we understand just how frustrating a broken AC unit can be.

If you’re in need of air conditioner maintenance, call us today at 1-[php snippet=1], and read on for four places that you can take your family to cool down in the meantime.

1. Movies 

There’s nothing more relaxing during the hot summer months than sitting in a cool, dark room and watching a movie. Though it may be more economical to rent a movie and watch it at home with your family, going to a theater can be a fun treat.

Spending two hours in a cool movie theater, sipping cold drinks, is a great way to revive yourself in the middle of summer.

2. Bowling Alley 

There are tons of outdoor activities you can do with your family in the summer months. What about when it’s just too hot to go outside, though?

Bowling is a great way to have some fun while cooling down at the same time. You can bring out the competitive spirit in everyone by playing in teams and putting lighthearted stakes on the game—second place has to buy ice cream!

3. The Beach 

It may not seem like a good idea to go to the beach on a particularly hot day, but it’s important to keep in mind that the air is often cooler on the coastline, and there’s always a light breeze. Just remember to pack plenty of beverages so your family stays hydrated, and don’t forget the sunblock and umbrella shades, so you can stay out of the sun.

Keep Your Home Cool With Proper Air Conditioner Maintenance 

As fun as a day at the beach is, it can be a real buzz kill returning to a hot, stuffy home. We can provide regular air conditioner maintenance to ensure that your units won’t break when you need them most.

Whether you’re having air conditioning problems or you just want us to perform some preventative care, call us at 1-[php snippet=1] today.


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