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3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Air Conditioning

Posted on The Cooler Blog January 22, 2014

Once considered a luxury, central air conditioning can be found in most new homes and businesses in America.  The expense of running these systems varies greatly depending upon installation, arrangement, and the actual equipment. In this brief article, we will discuss three points that will help every owner care for and use their system wisely.

1. How it works

Most of us mistakenly believe that air conditioners pump cool air indoors, thereby lowering the temperature of the space.  But the fact is that most A/C units pull heat out of inside air, cool it down, and then recirculate it.  Understanding the process can help you care for your system, particularly the parts that do most of the grunt work, such as the compressor and the blower.

2. Common problems

Far more complex than indoor heating solutions like furnaces, air conditioners are mechanical systems that must be correctly sized to meet the needs of the space.  A systems that is too small will be pushed to it limits to provide adequate cooling, which may and often does cause premature wear on vital parts and components. On the flip side, a system that is too large will make your indoor space feel like a meat locker, wasting massive amounts of energy in the process.

3. Regular maintenance

Although all major repairs should be handled by an HVAC professional, it is possible to perform a few basic maintenance tasks on yourself. No matter what type of air conditioning system you have, odds are it has a filter upstream of the evaporator coil. These filters trap dust, dirt, and other undesirables and prevent them from circulating throughout your home or business.  When they become clogged or blogged, however, these filters can inhibit airflow, which will reduce the energy efficiency of your entire system.  Simply emptying them out or replacing disposable filters can save you beaucoup bucks on your cooling costs during periods of heavy usage.


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