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3 Easy And Effective Ways To Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter

Posted on The Cooler Blog January 2, 2014

The numbers are all bad for American home and business owners this winter. Unseasonably low temperatures continue to linger over most of the Northeast, Midwest, and even the Southeast! As a result, these customers have been forced to use their heating systems more this winter than at any time in recent memory. Couple that fact with the inexplicable rise in heating costs, and you get a perfect storm that could end up costing the average customer hundreds of dollars more than they paid last year.

According to a recent report, and this was before the polar vortex that has affected most of the nation, cold temperatures could push home heating bills to their highest levels in 6 years! The only way to escape this unprecedented predicament with your wallet or pocketbook intact is to follow these simple steps that can slash your heating bills in no time.

Turn down the thermostat

We’re not saying you should set it much below average room temperature (68°F), but we think you should know that each degree under that can save you about 3% on your heating bill. So, if you turn the thermostat down to 65°F, you’ll save an average of 9 percent on the heat. At the very least, you should turn the heat down when you go to work or when you know you’ll be out for awhile.

Keep the fireplace damper closed

The average wood-burning fireplace can save you beaucoup bucks during the wintertime, but you must remember to close the damper, or the cold air will find its way inside.

Lower the water heater

According to most HVAC professionals, turning down the temperature of the water heater to 115 to 120 degrees reduces power usage without any appreciable difference in heating.


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