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3 Coolest Places For Coffee In Delray Beach

Posted on Family and Home, The Cooler Blog August 29, 2014

Like most Americans, a lot of the All Year Cooling team needs caffeine to keep us going. When the caffeine comes from a quality cup of coffee rather than a gas station brew, it’s a big bonus. For that reason, a lot of our installers love doing work in Delray Beach; some have even dubbed it the capital of coffee in South Florida (woah, let the debate begin). We’re well aware of coffee juggernauts Panther Coffee in Miami, Brew Urban Cafe in Fort Lauderdale, Subculture in West Palm Beach, and Harolds also in West Palm– we love all of those. There’s something though about having a trio of good coffee places that makes Delray one of our favorite areas for caffeine jolts.

Here’s our trio of Delray Beach coffee shops that we are obsessed with…

Coffee District


Don’t be fooled by the name. Sure, they do serve good coffee, but it’s not the name of a district and they are debatebly more popular for their massive selection of craft beer. Not only those things either; they have live music and karaoke from time to time. This place is a blast.

Spot Coffee


The Beat Cup Cafe

The most eccentric of the 3 coffee spots, The Beat Cafe is an excellent spot to grab a cup of joe, listen to music, and admire the art-adorned walls. BONUS: They serve Panther Coffee, which isn’t very common outside of Dade County.

What are you favorite coffee spots in South Florida?


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