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When To Call Professional Air-Conditioning Repair Service In South Florida

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 30, 2013 by Jonathan Williams

Nothing is worse than having the air conditioner decide to quit working on the hottest day of the year. Often, this happens without the homeowners having any idea that there was a preexisting problem. Some minor problems can be dealt with by the homeowners, but many issues need to be addressed by a professional air-conditioning Read More…

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The Importance Of Regular Duct Cleaning For Clean Indoor Air In South Florida

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 23, 2013 by Jonathan Williams

Most people don’t really think about the shape of their air conditioning ducts. However, the truth is that dirty air conditioning ducts are a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, mold and pollutants. Without occasional duct cleaning, these pollutants might be getting spread all over your house. A Trusty AC Contractor In South Florida Read More…

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The Innovative Complexity Of AC Units In South Florida

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 16, 2013 by Jonathan Williams

How an air conditioner is able to keep a house cool on even the hottest days of the year is a mystery to many people. It is fairly simple to understand how furnaces and heaters work, by heating air and blowing it throughout the house, but the process of creating cold, dehumidified air can be Read More…

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The XL20i Air Conditioner From Trane

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 13, 2013 by Jonathan Williams

Not all air conditioners are created equal.  This goes double when it comes to the outdoor condensers that run the central air system in your home. These units control humidity and cooling with their compressors, fans, and other components. Managed cycles help limit temperature variability for superior home comfort. What makes the XL20i different? With Read More…

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Is Your Home Safe From Dirty Outdoor Air?

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 12, 2013 by Jonathan Williams

When polluted air gets trapped in a confined space, it can cause serious health issues for anyone who breathes it in. Unfortunately, that might mean you! According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), human exposure to air pollutants in on the rise, both at work and at home. Tested against outdoor air, several Read More…

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Toshiba Extends Air Conditioning Warranty Due To ‘Enthusiastic Response’

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 11, 2013 by Jonathan Williams

Six months after they introduced their ‘Total Peace of Mind’ warranty to accredited installers, Toshiba Air Conditioning is expanding the popular program during 2014. The new scheme will now be open to installers who may not have passed muster under the warranty’s original terms and conditions. Why are they doing it? According to David Dunn, Read More…

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