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2 Reasons To Install A Ruud AC In South Florida

Posted on AC Repair March 4, 2014

Much like buying a washer or dryer, or even a new car, selecting an air conditioning unit can seem incredibly complicated at first. From SEER ratings and energy efficiency marks to Btus, there are many different factors that can affect both the superiority and longevity of a particular machine. Luckily, All Year Cooling has made it easy for consumers who are in need of a new air conditioner by carrying an extensive line of AC units backed by a knowledgeable staff.

All Year Cooling offers one brand in particular that has more than 100 years of reliability in the industry. Read on for two reasons why you should install a Ruud AC in South Florida. And call us at 1-888-496-4395 to hear more about our services today!

1. Copland Scroll Compressor

All Ruud air conditioning units contain a Copeland Scroll Compressor, which ensures exceptional performance, reliability and durability. The powerhouse of any air conditioner lies in its compressor. Unlike other AC units, whose compressors feature several loud, moving parts, the Copeland Scroll Compressor provides a quiet, smooth operating system for years to come.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new AC unit for your home or office, noise level must be a consideration. There’s nothing more distracting than a loud, whirring machine, no matter how cool it might keep the building.

2. Comfort Control System

All Ruud AC units also come with a Comfort Control System, which is an onboard diagnostics alert system that will let you know when your unit is in need of service requirements. The Comfort Control System will also inform contractors of the source of any malfunctions to ensure a quick and easy repair process. The professionals at All Year Cooling never underestimate the importance of preventative maintenance, as well as regular service checks, so you can be sure to avoid any major issues with your Ruud unit.

All Year Cooling Has All The AC Parts In South Florida That You Need

All Year Cooling offers a lot more than Ruud AC units, though. From Amana and Bryant units to Tempstar and Westinghouse, we’re sure to have a unit that fits your particular needs, as well as all of the AC parts in South Florida that you could ever want. We also specialize in preventative maintenance and regular service checks, and will even provide maintenance on units that you purchased somewhere else.

For more information on our Ruud line, or to learn about any of our other services, call us today at 1-888-496-4395!


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