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14 Of The Coolest Family-Friendly Restaurants in Weston

Posted on Family and Home, The Cooler Blog August 27, 2014

If you have kids there’s a lot to love about Weston. For starters, the parks are great, it’s safe, the public schools are some of Broward’s best, and there’s plenty of quality spots to grab a bite. Some of our team members live in Weston, and they always rave about some of the restaurants in town….especially the family-friendly ones. We wrote down their top choices, and here’s the list:

Lucilles American Cafe

There’s no better place to take the kids than an all-American diner like Lucilles American Cafe. We’re big fans of the California Melt, the fries, and the homemade ketchup (the kids will love it too).

The Cheese Course

Unless you live dairy-free, everyone loves a good hunk of cheese.  If you’re a cheese head like a lot of us are, this spot in Weston is a must. Order a cheese plate for the family or get a sandwich like the one pictured above. You won’t regret it.

El Mariachi

Weston is known for the high population of Venezuelans (one of the nicknames is Westonzuela), but they have a great little Mexican joint. Kids love tacos. Adults love tacos. It’s a win all around.


The Weston Town Center is always a good choice for families because of the food court and the attached restaurants. We think this is the best pizza in the Town Center.

Los Verdes

We think these are the best hot dogs in town. Name a better spot. Bonus: it’s open really late for those late night cravings.

Delicias Colombianas

The Colombian food is good. The sweet pastries and desserts are REALLY good.

Panna Express

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this empanadas spot makes excellent hamburgers.

Carolina Ale House

Everyone’s pretty familiar with Carolina Ale Houses. This location is as good as the rest.

Pizza Heaven

We absolutely adore their Italian subs for lunch. Try it; you won’t regret it.

Le Perla

2 words….LOMO….SALTADO

Moon Thai

For the most authentic pad thai in Weston, head here.


This is a big chain, we know. We just love their healthier-than-ice-cream fro yo (and so does the community).


All-you-can-eat sushi….need we say more?


Grab some candy for the kids at the ultimate Weston candy shop.

Alright Weston-ites, what did we miss?


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