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13 Songs To NOT Listen To When Your AC Breaks

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Repair, The Cooler Blog July 27, 2014

Florida is always hot. When the AC breaks, it’s pretty much unbearable. When this happens, you don’t need anything to remind you that you’re sweating profusely– your soaking wet shirt is reminder enough. With that being said, read this blog post when your AC is blowing cool air because the songs we’ve listed below will make your internal temperature rise a few degrees.

Bonus: If we opened this list up to musicians with hot-sounding names, we would’ve also included: Keith Sweat, Hot Hot Heat, Hot Chip, and Jacuzzi Boys (our local inclusion)

There’s a lot of songs we could go with for this list, so we know you have some (family-friendly) suggestions for us to add. Comment at the bottom with all your list additions.

Martha & the Vandellas – Heatwave

No matter how upbeat this song sounds, the repetition of the word “heatwave” is just too much when the temperature in the house starts hitting desert-like levels.

The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer In The City

When the AC breaks, it’s like Summer In The House and all you want to do is splash your face with handfuls of ice cold water.

Nelly – Hot In Herre

If we polled the audience, we believe this would be potentially the most popular choice. When the AC breaks, we fully discourage for you to take off all your clothes.

Alicia Homestead – Girl On Fire

Alicia might as well be singing This Home Is On Fire-yahhhhh!

Prodigy – Firestarter

Our lone electronic entry into this list. While a broken air conditioner might not literally start a fire, it sure feels like it could.

Weezer – Island In The Sun

This simple, beachy song is anything but that when you’re trying to find ways to cool down. Weezer is singing about Island In The Sun, and you’re just trying to think of the Ocean By The Island.

Bananarama – Cruel Summer

They got cruel right, that’s for sure.

Franz Ferdinand – This Fire

We wanted to throw in a little indie rock into this list, so here it is.

Modern English – I Melt With You

Let’s put this is modern english….we don’t want to melt with you right now.

Talking Heads – Burning Down The House

Please don’t.

Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire

This song keeps you trapped in the ring of fire that is your house.

Elvis Presley – Burning Love

We picked this one clearly because the term ‘burning’.

Buster Pointdexter – Hot Hot Hot

It’s cheesy, but had to be included.

There you have it. What did we miss?


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