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13 Coolest Moments in Miami Dolphins History

Posted on News, The Cooler Blog July 25, 2014

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The NFL season is nearly upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited. Few things bring a community together like sports; win or lose, our Miami teams bond us together for a common cause: to win (especially against the Jets).  Call us crazy, but some of us in the office have a good feeling about Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins this year. In fact, we’re predicting a Dolphins Super Bowl  playoff appearance winning season this year, and if we’re wrong…well, we’re just an air conditioning company, what do we know about sports (wink).

To further hype all of us up about the 2014-2015 regular season, we compiled a list of the 13 “coolest” moments in Miami Dolphins history. Feel free to tweet us with what we forgot to include.

The Perfect Season, 1972 Dolphins

Honestly, how could we start with anything else. Every year, this team is referenced because pretenders like the Kansas City Chiefs win 7 straight games. Still to this day, no one has done what the Don Shula-led Dolphins were able to do that year (almost doesn’t count New England).

1973 Super Bowl Champions

Considering this was the last time we’ve won a Super Bowl (ugh), this had to make the list right after the perfect season. Coincidentally, this is the year that we started All Year Cooling (man, we’re old).

Mud Punt

We bet you won’t see this on any other list of great Dolphins moments, but when this happened in the totally unexciting/exciting 0-0 Steelers game, it really “stuck” with us (see what we did there).

Laces Out

None of want to remember the catastrophic field goal miss  that cost us Super Bowl XVII (Laces out, Dan! Laces out!!!). We’re sorry to include it on this list, but we wanted to let Ray Finkle know that we forgive him for the FG miss.

The Wildcat Formation (2008)

While Miami didn’t invent the Wildcat formation, we were definitely responsible for its most recent popularity. That was a fun season. See below for Ronnie Brown’s highlights in the offense.

Dan Marino Fake Spike

Dan Marino is so sly. We don’t care what Mrs. Finkle’s mom said about you 2 list items ago.

Dolphins Somehow Clinch The AFC East

We still can’t explain how we managed to squeak  enough wins to pull off it off, but we did and it was AWESOME. As a bonus, the Patriots didn’t make it into the playoffs that year.

Dolphins Avoid 0-16

The closest thing we’ve felt to winning the Super Bowl in recent years. We were so excited when we won this game.

Dan Marino Sets Record for Most Passing TDs in a Season and Career

So what that it’s been broken since. We still remember the original record breaker.

The Dave Wann-stache Era

Coach Wannstedt didn’t give us much during his tenure with the Dolphins, but he did grace us with possibly the greatest mustache in NFL history.

Don Shula Wins More Games Than Any Other Coach (Way More Than Belichick) 

Even now, no one is close to his record. You the man, Shula!

Every Time the ORIGINAL Dolphins Song Plays

Get out of here with the T-Pain version (cringe-worthy) or the Jimmy Buffet song. There is only 1 Miami Dolphins song, now and forever.

There are a lot of moments we didn’t list. What are your favorite Miami Dolphins moments?


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