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Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning units that are awarded ENERGY STAR status are applauded for their ability to meet strict energy efficiency guidelines that are set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. By installing a unit that is recognized by ENERGY STAR, you will simultaneously help our environment and save money. ENERGY STAR units use on average 15% less energy than is required by federal standards.

Appliances must also meet the Appliance Standards Program set by the US Department of Energy. Manufacturers run standardized tests in order to determine how energy efficient their products are. The products’ packaging will then have a yellow EnergyGuide label that informs consumers how much energy the appliance requires, compares the energy efficiency to similar products, and lists approximate annual operating costs.

SEER, which determines how energy efficient an air conditioning is per season/region, should also be taken into consideration when looking at energy efficiency in an air conditioning unit. The more cool air the system puts out for each unit of energy consumed, the higher the energy efficiency rating it will receive.