Duct Sanitization

Here at All Year Cooling we perform Duct Sanitization Services in addition to regular ductwork cleaning. Duct Sanitization services are usually not a routine job, but can be ordered as an add-on. Duct Sanitization treatments are performed after duct cleaning and where there is a sign of microbial growth. The treatment can remove all types of microbes so that they do not grow again shortly after the ductwork has been cleaned.

The types of unwanted elements that are removed after Duct Sanitization services include mycobacterium bovis, staphylococcus aureus, aspergillus fumigatus and legionella pneumophila. Once the treatment has been performed the ductwork will be a dry environment free of any biocides that might have built up over time.

Our Duct Sanitization service ensures that foul/damp odors are removed and indoor air quality is improved. If you have members of the household that are sensitive to foul air particles, then ordering this service is a no-brainer. The removal of unwanted air particles can prevent health complications and allergic reactions.

The team of professionals at All Year Cooling has extensive knowledge of how to perform industry leading Duct Sanitization services. With the many years of experience, the process has been reduced down to a science.

Who can benefit from our Duct Sanitization service:

  • Those who have had an animal in their ductwork
  • Anyone that is trying to get rid of bad odors
  • If water damage has affected the ductwork
  • Those with health problems that can be triggered by unwanted air particles

For more information on how our Duct Sanitization Services can be beneficial to you give us a call today. A friendly customer service representative is on standby to answer all your questions.

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