Serving South Florida since 1973

York Affinity YXV Series

  • Up to 20 SEER Rating
  • R-410A Refrigerant
  • Variable Speed Compressor
  • Charge Assurance

The definition of home comfort has changed. YORK® Affinity™ Variable Capacity Residential Systems are smarter, more connected, more efficient and more reliable than ever before. It’s home comfort built for the way you live. And it’s a new way of thinking that can only be found in these groundbreaking systems. Home comfort will never be the same.

Outdoor Unit Features:

  • Superior Coil Protection – An easily removable two-piece steel extruded louver coil guard protects the tube-in-fin coil from debris and physical damage while making access for coil cleaning quick and simple.
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant – The next generation refrigerant R-410A delivers environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion.
  • Durable Finish – A high quality powder paint finish rated at 1000 hrs. salt spray provides the ultimate protection from corrosion and harmful UV rays, ensuring a long-lasting, high quality appearance.
  • Charge Assurance™ – A built-in touch screen instantly displays the system overall condition, including the system pressures and refrigerant charge without the need to attach additional gauges or sensors.
  • QuietDrive™ System – Features a combination of engineered, sound-neutralizing attributes such as a swept-wing fan blade, composite base pan, multi-density compressor cloak and variable capacity operation to reduce sound levels to that of a mere conversation.
  • Swept Wing Fan – A design adapted from aerospace engineering provides whisper-quiet operation by allowing air to flow smoothly and efficiently across the fan surface and edges.
  • Composite Base Pan – The strong and durable composite base pan is corrosion resistant while adding strength, absorbing sound, and reducing vibration.
  • High-Efficiency Outdoor Coil – An aluminum fin and copper tube outdoor coil provide easy cleaning, low restriction to airflow and efficient heat exchange.
  • Climate Set™ – provides pre-configured operating profiles the installing contractor can select during set-up to fine tune the system’s operation for either Humid, Dry, or Normal climates.
    Additional fine-tune adjustments are always available to provide a custom comfort solution.
  • Communicating Control – Designed to operate as a communicating system that requires only 3 thermostat wires between the outdoor and indoor unit, the communicating system provides
    self-commissioning on start-up as well as the ability to check system status at the outdoor unit, thermostat, or remotely using the designated App.
    Advanced System Control – The proprietary wi-fi Hx™ thermostat interface is an integral part of this innovative system design. Using the Consumer App, consumers can monitor and adjust their
    system from anywhere in the world using a smart device. Contractors can use the Service App (with homeowner permission), to monitor the system remotely and make adjustments as needed. The system can be configured to provide alerts for emerging issues as well as items that require immediate attention.
  • Variable Capacity Inverter Controlled Scroll Compressor – Constantly monitors and dynamically adjusts system capacity in precise increments as necessary to closely meet the comfort demands of the conditioned space.
  • Premium System Warranty – Limited lifetime compressor warranty when registered online within 90 days of installation.
  • Air Handler Features:

  • Rigid Case Construction – an interior endoskeleton provides structural support eliminating screw heads protruding from the side of the cabinet that could damage property when being installed.
  • Cabinet – Constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with a primer and finish coat providing a high quality corrosion resistant finish.
  • MaxAlloy™ Coil – Long life aluminum coils built to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and reliability.
  • Foil Faced Insulation -The entire cabinet is insulated with a single piece of cleanable foil faced insulation retained by the endoskeleton. The cabinet design is such that all edges of the insulation are contained.
  • Compact Cabinet – With the coil and access doors removed the AVV air handler has a 20.5” casing depth in all models, which provide ease of attic access and space constrained applications.
  • Electric Heat Kits – Single and three phase field installed electric heat kits are available from 5 through 25 kW. Make sure to check the tech guide for proper application. These electric heat kits are common between the different air handler families including the modular designs.
  • ECM Variable Speed Motors – All models use variable speed ECM motors for efficient, quietest operation. The blower can be independently controlled to optimize the system for specific comfort requirements.
  • Duct Flange – Four sided duct flange is supplied to be field installed when required.