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York 5T Affinity Series

All Year Cooling York 8T Affinity Series
  • Up to 15 SEER
  • Energy Star rated
  • QuietDrive System
  • Two-stage compressor
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • 7 color choices
  • Comfort Alert
  • Coil guard
  • Affinity Series
  • Total Package Warranty Program


The York 15 SEER 5T may qualify for the federal government tax credit. The York 15 SEER 5T offers up to 15 SEER in certain systems. High-efficiency units like the York 15 SEER 5T may save homeowners hundreds of dollars in annual cooling costs.

York 15 SEER 5T’s QuietDrive system features a high-efficiency compressor housed in an isolated compressor compartment allows for ultra-quiet operation. The swept wing fan design of the York 15 SEER 5T and the York 15 SEER 5T’s composite base pan provide quieter operation and added efficiency.

two-stage compressor is featured with this York 15 SEER system to enhance the efficient operation of the unit. The York 15 SEER 5T’s two-stage compressor allows this York 15 SEER system to run at two speeds—lower capacity and full capacity. The York 15 SEER 5T will adjust based on temperature conditions.

Additional Benefits:

York 15 SEER 5T Series

The York 15 SEER 5T features R-410A refrigerant, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional R-22 refrigerant. The new refrigerant does not sacrifice comfort of this York 15 SEER system despite being an environmentally-responsible alternative.

7 color choices are available with the York 15 SEER 5T so homeowners may choose a color to best compliment their home. This York 15 SEER system comes in champagne, terra cotta, gunmetal, chocolate, Bermuda, stone and jet black so the York 15 SEER 5T goes with just about any exterior.

The York 15 SEER 5T’s Comfort Alert System includes an on-board self-diagnostics system that makes service calls much easier for York 15 SEER 5T consumers. The York 15 SEER 5T will even alert the homeowner of a malfunction via the control board.

The York 15 SEER 5T’s coil guard and the York 15 SEER 5T’s polymer mesh screen protect the coil to reduce service costs of the York 15 SEER 5T. The York 15 SEER 5T’s powder painted steel construction protects the York 15 SEER 5T from external threats to reduce maintenance costs and increase the service life of this York 15 SEER system.

Homeowners who purchase the York 15 SEER 5T along with an air handler receive the Total Package Warranty Program.

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