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Westinghouse ES4BD

  • Up to 14 SEER
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • High pressure switch
  • One piece top
  • Louvered condenser guard
  • Galvanized steel
  • Composite base pan
  • Removable top grille assembly
  • Easy compressor and control access
  • 10 year all parts warranty
  • 1 year quality pledge

The Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD works at up to 14 SEER. The Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD may help reduce annual cooling costs for those who upgrade to this Westinghouse 14 SEER system.

R-410A is used with this Westinghouse 14 SEER system to replace R-22. R-410A used with the Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD does not sacrifice comfort provided by this Westinghouse 14 SEER system despite its Earth-friendly tag.

The Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD’s permanently lubricated motor does not require maintenance and works to deliver quiet operation and increased reliability with this Westinghouse 14 SEER system. The Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD’s high pressure switch is also included to protect against abnormally high system pressures, while this Westinghouse 14 SEER system’s one piece top maximizes airflow and further ensures quieter operation.

Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD

This Westinghouse 14 SEER system’s louvered condenser guard protects the coil from various external hazards. The Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD’s galvanized steel design offers further protection for this Westinghouse 14 SEER system’s internal components. A salt spray finish is effective in protecting the system from corrosion; especially important for homeowners living in coastal areas. The Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD’s composite base pan also reduces corrosion and is designed for sound absorption.

The Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD’s removable top grille assembly gives contractors easier access to the top of the unit without disconnecting the fan motor leads. Meanwhile, easy compressor and control access with this Westinghouse 14 SEER system can be found on the side of the unit, and allows for quicker and easier service and repairs.

A 10 year all parts warranty and 1 year quality pledge backs the Westinghouse 14 SEER ES4BD.