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Trane XL15i Heat Pump

All Year Cooling Trane Xl15I Heat Pump
  • Up to 16 SEER
  • Energy Star
  • May qualify for federal tax credit
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Climatuff compressor
  • Compressor sound insulator
  • Full-side louvered panels
  • Powder-paint finish
  • WeatherGuard fasteners
  • WeatherGuard top
  • Two-row all-aluminum spine fin coil
  • DuraTuff rust-proof base pan
  • Integrated fan system
  • Electronic demand defrost


The Trane 16 SEER XL15i heat pump operates at up to 16 SEER, helping many homeowners with this Trane 16 SEER system reduce energy bills. The Trane 16 SEER XL15i is Energy Star-rated.

R-410A refrigerant is used with the Trane 16 SEER XL15i as an eco-friendly alternative to R-22. R-410A used with this Trane 16 SEER system offers Earth-friendly cooling without sacrificing the comfort of the Trane 16 SEER XL15i.

The Trane 16 SEER XL15i’s Climatuff compressor provides quiet operation, superior performance and exceptional efficiency. A compressor sound insulator is included with this Trane 16 SEER system to help reduce noise levels of the Trane 16 SEER XL15i.

Additional Benefits:

Trane 16 SEER XL15i

The Trane 16 SEER XL15i’s full-sided louvered panels made of galvanized steel provide added protection and aesthetic appeal. The powder-paint finish of this Trane 16 SEER system is resistant to rust and corrosion so that the Trane 16 SEER XL15i is kept looking its best. Meanwhile, WeatherGuard fasteners used with the Trane 16 SEER XL15i are zinc-coated so that rust does not discolor the system, while the Trane 16 SEER XL15i’s WeatherGuard top offers lasting protection from the elements.

The two-row spine fin coil used with this Trane 16 SEER system improves airflow, corrosion-resistance and heat transfer. The Trane 16 SEER XL15i’s DuraTuff rust-proof base pan will not crack, rust, warp or corrode. This 16 SEER system’s integrated fan system improves airflow, improves the performance of the Trane 16 SEER XL15i and ensures quieter operation of this Trane 16 SEER system. The Trane 16 SEER XL15i’s electronic demand defrost eliminates unnecessary defrost cycles.

A 12 year limited compressor warranty, 10 year limited outdoor coil warranty and 10 year limited internal functional parts warranty back the Trane 16 SEER XL15i.

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