Serving South Florida since 1973

Trane 4WHC

  • Climatuff® compressor, designed and manufactured to provide reliable, economical operation
  • Internal pressure relief and internal overload protection
  • External pressure taps for refrigerant check
  • Thermal expansion valve refrigerant control
  • Demand defrost control system
  • Reliable, solenoid-operated reversing valve
  • Copper tube, aluminum plate fin coils
  • Polarized plug for easy field connection of low voltage to supplementary heater
  • Low ambient cooling to 45° F. as manufactured; to 0° F. with accessory
  • Duct flanges
  • Certified to UL Standard 1995 and A.H.R.I. standards
  • Outdoor coil guard

Trane’s 4WHC3 packaged heat pumps are designed for efficiency, reliability and easy installation.
Reliable electronic Demand Defrost, rugged compressor, filter drier and thermal expansion devices are the backbone of Trane heat pump. We have also made installation easier and less costly by standardizing the cabinet and accessories. Two standardized cabinet designs (one cabinet design for the 2-3-1/2 ton models and one cabinet design for the 4-5 ton models).

Better Installability

These heat pump units have an over/ under horizontal configuration which provides an efficient airflow delivery. This dedicated design eliminates the need for any unit conversion, saving field labor and installed cost.

Better Serviceability

With standardized cabinet designs, all components were designed to be located in the same location, regardless of unit size. Our timesaving rotolock compressor fittings provide easy removal if service on the compressor is required.

A simplified control panel that features colored and numbered wire is standard on all products. This aids in reducing troubleshooting time when wire tracing is required. And easy access to all major components can be accomplished by removing quick service access panels.

Unmatched Quality and Reliability

All major components on these products, including the compressor, have been designed and manufactured for maximum service. Every Climatuff® compressor is designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. Each design is life tested in extreme environments to ensure reliable and long lasting operation in normal applications. Each compressor has internal motor protection for added reliability.