Serving South Florida since 1973

Trane 2/4 TFB Air Handler

  • 3 or 4 speed indoor blower motor
  • CleanEffects-compatible
  • No-leak drain pan
  • Air-Tite insulated cabinet
  • Fully gasketed doors
  • Recessed screws
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • 5 year limited warranty on internal functional parts

The Trane 2/4 TEC 6-Way convertible air handler features a three- or four-speed indoor blower motor for efficiency and reliable performance. Airflow is improved with this Trane system, while sound levels and energy consumption of the Trane 2/4 TEC is reduced.

The Trane 2/4 TEC air handlers are compatible with the innovative TraneCleanEffects. This Trane filtration system removes particles and allergens from the air for cleaner, healthier air.

Trane 2/4 TEC 6-Way Convertible Air Handler

The Trane 2/4 TEC’s no-leak drain pan is corrosion-resistant. The sloped design of the drain pan with this Trane system prevents dirty standing water from compromising clean air. The Trane 2/4 TEC’s Air-Tite insulated cabinet guards against heating and cooling loss and prevents moisture buildup in the Trane 2/4 TEC. It also allows for quiet operation and improved energy efficiency of this Trane system.

Fully-gasketed doors used with the Trane 2/4 TEC are included to prevent air leaks for improved efficiency and quiet operation of the Trane 2/4 TEC. Recessed screws are used with the Trane 2/4 TEC to avoid snags in walls during installation, while the Trane 2/4 TEC’s corrosion-resistant finish is included on all panels to ensure the aesthetic appeal of this Trane system.

A 5 year limited internal functional parts warranty is available with the Trane 2/4 TEC.