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Rheem RBHN Air Handler

All Year Cooling Rheem Rbhn Air Handler
  • ECM Motor
  • Low humidity
  • Optional electric heat
  • Watt restrictor
  • Insulation
  • Adjustable air speed
  • Cooling coil
  • Durable cabinet
  • 10 year parts warranty


Rheem’s RBHN air handler includes an ECM motor to reduce electrical consumption and allows for the selected amount of airflow with this Rheem air handler. Low humidity is also provided with the Rheem RBHN as this Rheem air handler automatically adjusts airflow to remove humidity while the Rheem RBHN and system is cooling.

Optional electric heat features sheath-type electric heating elements to improve the efficiency and durability of the Rheem RBHN. The Rheem RBHN’s watt restrictor limits electrical heating uses to what is needed to achieve desired comfort with the Rheem RBHN.

Additional Benefits:

Rheem RBHN Air Handler

A half-inch of insulation is included in the blower compartment of the Rheem RBHN to allow for the quiet operation of this Rheem air handler. Adjustable air speed is achieved with this Rheem air handler as the technician may match airflow to desired comfort.

An RCQC high efficiency cooling coil that features aluminum fins and copper tubing is used with the Rheem RBHN for optimal heat transfer. This provides improved refrigerant flow and performance of this Rheem air handler, as well as grater energy savings. The durable cabinet of the Rheem RBHN protects the internal components in this Rheem air handler from damage, and is attractively painted to ensure the aesthetic appeal of the Rheem RBHN.

A 10 year parts warranty backs the Rheem RBHN.

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