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NuTone FS4BD Series

All Year Cooling Nutone Fs4Bd Series
  • Up to 14 SEER
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Swept wing fan blade
  • High pressure switch
  • One piece top
  • Composite base pan
  • Louvered condenser guard
  • Galvanized steel design
  • Removable top grille assembly
  • Easy compressor and control access
  • 10 year all parts warranty; 10 year quality pledge


The NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD operates at up to 14 SEER. This NuTone 14 SEER system may help reduce annual cooling costs for those who upgrade to the NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD.

R-410A refrigerant is used with this NuTone 14 SEER system to replace R-22. R-410A used with the NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD does not sacrifice comfort provided by this NuTone 14 SEER system despite its Earth-friendly tag.

The NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD’s permanently lubricated motor does not require maintenance and helps provide quiet operation and reliability with the NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD. The NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD’s swept wing fan blade is designed to reduce unwanted sound, while the NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD’s high-pressure switch avoids abnormally high system pressures. The NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD’s one piece top provides optimal airflow and further ensures the quiet operation of this NuTone 14 SEER system.

Additional Benefits:

NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD

The NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD’s composite base pan is sound-absorbing and corrosion-resistant. This NuTone 14 SEER system’s coil is guarded external hazards by the NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD’s louvered condenser guard, and agalvanized steel design of this NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD offers further protection for the NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD’s internal components.

This NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD’s removable top grille assembly provides the contractor with ease of service from the top of the NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD without disconnecting fan motor leads. Easy access to the compressor and controlswith this NuTone 14 SEER system from the side of the unit makes service and repair calls quicker and simpler.

A 10 year all parts warranty and 10 year qualify pledge back the NuTone 14 SEER FS4BD.

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