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All Year Cooling Lg Lmdn185Hv
  • 18,000 BTUs
  • Inverter variable speed compressor
  • Auto operation
  • Auto restart
  • Ceiling unit


LG’s LMDN185HV flex multi-split ceiling concealed duct indoor unit utilizes an inverter variable speed compressor. This compressor lowers its speed once the desired room temperature has been reached rather than shutting off completely. This maintains comfort, achieves a quieter operation and improves the energy efficiency of the system.

Additional Benefits:

LG LMDN185HV Flex Multi-Split Ceiling Concealed Duct Indoor Unit

Auto operation provides the consumer with three levels of comfort from which to choose. The temperature and fan speed are set automatically. Auto restart automatically restarts the system to programmed settings in the event of a power failure. So that it blends with the rest of the room, the ceiling unit is concealed.

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