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Grandaire GB5VM

All Year Cooling Grandaire Gb5Vm
  • Durable, attractive cabinet
  • Plastic drain pan
  • ECM Variable Speed Motor
  • Quiet blower operation
  • Constant airflow
  • Reduced air stratification
  • Multi-poised
  • Ease of service
  • Plug-in heater kits
  • Circuit Board
  • Air handler control board
  • Breaker accessibility
  • No fasteners on sides or back
  • Cabinet insulation
  • 10 year all parts warranty


The Grandaire GB5VM variable speed air handler includes a durable, attractive cabinet made of galvanized steel to protect this Grandaire air handler from damage. The Grandaire GB5VM’s plastic drain pan is corrosion-resistant.

This Grandaire air handler’s ECM variable speed motor features advanced technology to allow for 12 selectable cooling airflows and 4 selectable heating airflows with the Grandaire GB5VM. Extra quiet and smooth blower on and off cycles allow for the quiet blower operation with the Grandaire GB5VM. The Grandaire GB5VM’s motor automatically adjusts to different static loads forconstant airflow with this Grandaire air handler.

Reduced air stratification with the Grandaire GB5VM allows for better air quality by improving humidity removal and filtration capabilities of this Grandaire air handler. The Grandaire GB5VM is multi-poised and may be used in upflow, downflow, horizontal and vertical applications. Plug-in wire connections and a built-in filter rack allow for ease of service with this Grandaire air handler.

Additional Benefits:

Grandaire GB5VM Variable Speed Air Handler

Plug-in heater kits are available in 5 kW through 30 kW with this Grandaire air handler. The Grandaire GB5VM’s circuit board incorporates low voltage terminal strip and heat strip sequencing, while the Grandaire GB5VM’s air handler control board controls the time sequencing of heat stages using sequence timing that is field selectable.

The Grandaire GB5VM’s breaker is accessible from the front of this Grandaire air handler when the heater is applied for greater convenience. There are no fasteners on the sides or back of the Grandaire GB5VM to allow for smooth surfaces and ease during installation.

A 10 year all parts warranty backs the Grandaire GB5BM variable speed air handler.

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