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Fujitsu 36CLX

All Year Cooling Fujitsu 36Clx
  • 15.00 SEER
  • Apple Catechin Filter
  • Ion Deodorizing Filter
  • Sleep timer
  • Dry mode
  • Auto louver: 4 Way
  • Auto mode
  • Quiet mode
  • Power diffuser
  • Auto Restart
  • pump down operation


The Fujitsu 36CLX wall mounted mini split system operates at energy efficiencies of 15.00 SEER, exceeding the government’s standards for energy efficiency. TheApple Catechin Filter absorbs dust, mold spores and microorganisms using static electricity and growth is inhibited and deactivated. The Ion Deodorizing Filterdeodorizes by decomposing the absorbed odors through the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions that are generated by fine ceramic particles.

The sleep timer automatically adjusts the temperature while you sleep to make for a more comfortable environment. Dry mode helps to reduce humidity when the cooling requirements are lower. Auto louver: 4 wayautomatically redirects airflow with up/down and left/right motion. The auto mode ensures the system starts on high fan speed and reduces speed as the desired temperature is reached.

Additional Benefits:

Fujitsu 36CLX Wall Mounted Mini Split System

Quiet mode uses an extra quiet fan speed so the consumer is not disturbed. A power diffuser features an additional louver that opens according to monitoring sensors so comfort needs are quickly enhanced. Auto restart ensures the system automatically restarts to programmed settings following a power failure. To make moving the unit and servicing the refrigerant circuit easier, pump down operation will collect the system’s refrigerant in the outdoor unit.

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