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NuTone B4VM-X Air Handler

  • ECM variable speed motor
  • Quiet blower operation
  • Constant airflow
  • Reduced air stratification
  • Durable cabinet
  • Plastic drain pan
  • Multi-poised
  • Ease of service
  • Plug-in heater kit
  • Circuit board
  • Breaker accessibility
  • Thermal expansion valve
  • Cabinet insulation
  • 5 year all parts warranty

The NuTone B4VM-X air handler features an ECM variable speed motor that provides 12 cooling and 4 heating airflows to match any application. Quiet blower operation with this NuTone air handler is accomplished through the use of extra quiet and smooth blower on and off cycles. The NuTone B4VM-X’s motor automatically adjusts to different static loads for constant airflow.

Reduced air stratification with this NuTone air handler results in better air quality by optimizing the humidity removal and filtration capabilities of the system. The NuTone B4VM-X’s durable cabinet made of galvanized steel is used to protect this NuTone air handler’s internal components. This NuTone air handler’s plastic drain pan is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting service life.

The NuTone B4VM-X is multi-poised for use in horizontal, vertical, upflow and downflow applications. Ease of service with this NuTone system is achieved with the use of a built-in filter rack, while plug-in heater kits are available with the NuTone B4VM-X in 5 kW through 30 kW, but may not be used in 115 Volt units.

NuTone B4VM-X Air Handler

The NuTone B4VM-X’s circuit board incorporates blower time delay relay, low voltage terminal strip and heat-strip sequencing. This NuTone air handler’s breaker is accessible on the front of the unit for added convenience. The NuTone air handler’s thermal expansion valve provides precise refrigerant control under varying load conditions. Cabinet insulation with the NuTone B4VM-X is also included for quiet operation and to prevent cabinet sweating in difficult applications.

A 5 year all parts warranty backs the NuTone B4VM-X air handler.