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The iQ Drive featured in Maytag’s ultra high efficiency, 24.5 SEER air conditioner utilizes inverter rotary technology to produce superior energy efficiency at quiet operation. Unlike other compressors that may operate at around 3,600 rpm, the iQ Drive operates as low as 900 rpm. Cooling capacity is adjusted based on the needs of your home, reducing energy consumption and saving money.

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Maytag M120 GB5BM Air Handler

Maytag M120 B5BM Air Handler

Maytag M120 PAH4VMX Air Handler

Maytag M1200 PAH2BM Air Handler

Maytag M1200 PAH4VM Air Handler

Maytag M1200 PSH4BE Heat Pump

Maytag M1200 PSH4BD Heat Pump

Maytag M1200 PSH4BI Heat Pump

Maytag M1200 CSH4BD Heat Pump

Maytag M120 MSH4BF Heat Pump

Maytag M120 MSH4BE Heat Pump

Maytag M120 MSH4BD Heat Pump

Maytag M120 DT4BE Heat Pump

Maytag M120 DT4BD Heat Pump

Maytag M1200 PSH4BF Heat Pump

Maytag M1200 Series PSA4BD

Maytag M1200 Series PSA4BI

Maytag M1200 Series PSA4BE

Maytag M1200 Series CSA4BD

Maytag M1200 Series PSA4BF

Maytag M120 Series MSA4BF

Maytag M120 Series MSA4BE

Maytag M120 Series MSA4BD

Maytag M120 Series DS4BE