Serving South Florida since 1973


  • 18,000 BTUs
  • Changeable front color panel option
  • Inverter variable speed compressor
  • Chaos swing
  • Plasma air purifying system
  • Self cleaning coil
  • Auto operation
  • Auto restart

LG’s LMAN185HV flex multi-split Art Cool heat pump indoor unit features a changeable front color panel option with various colors and finishes available to blend with the rest of the room. The inverter variable speed compressor will slow down to a lower speed once the desired temperature is reached rather than shutting off completely. This helps to improve energy efficiency and the quiet operation of the system.

Chaos Swing includes electronically controlled louvers and fan speeds to create a more natural and random airflow, reducing temperature stratification. Theplasma air purifying system is a four-stage system that includes a large, permanent filter and electronic air purifier to capture microscopic contaminants such as pet fur, pollen and dust mites.