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Fujitsu ASU12RLF

  • 17.00 SEER
  • Inverter technology
  • Inverter control
  • 130% connectable capacity
  • Apple Catechin Filter
  • Ion Deodorizing Filter
  • Sleep timer
  • Dry mode
  • Auto louver: up/down
  • Auto mode
  • Quiet mode
  • Auto restart
  • Auto changeover

Fujitsu’s ASU12RLF Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter Mini Split operates at energy efficiency levels of 17.00 SEER. The inverter technology used with this system allows for quiet and more economical operation and helps to reach the desired temperature faster than many conventional units. The inverter control feature allows the outdoor unit to adjust speed and output to match the requirements of the indoor capacity, making it more efficient and less expensive to operate.

The outdoor unit has a rated capacity of 42,000 Btu, but up to 130% of the capacity (62,000 Btu) may be connected to the unit. All of the indoor units connected to it may operate at once, but when all are running at the same time the capacity of each evaporator will decrease so the condenser’s capacity is not exceeded. As the zones reach desired temperature, the other evaporators will increase output up to the evaporator’s

Fujitsu ASU12RLF Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter Mini Split

An Apple Catechin Filter uses static electricity to absorb dust, mold spores and microorganisms and inhibits and deactivates growth. The Ion Deodorizing Filter decomposes absorbed odors through the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions that are generated by fine ceramic particles. A sleep timer automatically adjusts temperature while you sleep for a comfortable environment.

Dry mode helps reduce humidity in the room when the cooling requirements are lower. Auto louver: up/down automatically redirects airflow using seven position up and down motion that may be set to auto swing. Auto mode begins operation at higher fan speeds and reduces speed as the desired temperature is reached.

Quiet mode uses an extra quiet fan speed so as not to disturb the consumer, while auto restart automatically restarts to programmed settings following a power failure. Auto changeover will switch modes from heating to cooling and vice versa to stay within a four degree operating range of the set temperature.