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Carrier AC Units and Service In South Florida

Carrier knows air conditioning. After all, we invented it—and we’ve been perfecting central air conditioners for over a hundred years. Our advanced Infinity® Series offers our highest efficiency in central air conditioning, while our Performance™ Series and Comfort™ Series products provide economical efficiency and complete Comfort even in the blistering South Florida heat.

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Carrier FX4 Comfort Series Fan Coil

Carrier FE4 Fan Coil

Carrier FV4 Fan Coil

Carrier FV5 Fan Coil

Carrier Comfort Series A/C

Carrier Comfort Series Heat Pump

Carrier Performance Series Heat Pump

Carrier Performance Series A/C

Carrier Performance Gas Heat/Electric Cooling

Carrier Infinity Hybrid Heat

Carrier Comfort Hybrid Heat

Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace and A/C

Carrier Infinity A/C

Carrier Infinity Series Packaged Heat Pump

Carrier Comfort Gas Furnace and A/C

Carrier Performance Hybrid Heat

Carrier 25HPA6 Heat Pump

Carrier 25HPA5 Heat Pump

Carrier 25HNA9 Heat Pump

Carrier 25HCC5 Heat Pump

Carrier 25HCB6 Heat Pump

Carrier 25HCB5 Heat Pump

Carrier 25HCB3 Comfort Series

Carrier 25HBC3 Heat Pump

Carrier 38QRR Heat Pump

Carrier 38HDR Performance

Carrier 24APA7 Performance

Carrier 24APA5 Performance

Carrier 24ANA7 Infinity

Carrier 24ANA1 Infinity

Carrier 24ACC6 Comfort

Carrier 24ACB7 Comfort

Carrier 24ACB6 Comfort